DEXIS innovation continues with new DEXIS Ti2 Sensor as successor to the DEXIS Titanium Sensor, the #1 selling intraoral sensor in the United States

Today, DEXIS launches the latest innovation to its digital ecosystem with an all-new dental intraoral sensor, the DEXIS™ Ti2 Sensor. The DEXIS digital ecosystem is a comprehensive, AI-powered platform for dental imaging, designed to connect and streamline digital workflows for enhanced productivity.

The Ti2 Sensor builds on the success of its predecessor, the DEXIS™ Titanium Sensor, the #1 digital intraoral sensor in the United States*. In 2023, DEXIS sensors processed over 167 million images, making it a top choice for intraoral sensors and scanners, as well as x-ray and CBCT technology worldwide.

Bringing several new features to the DEXIS 2D imaging portfolio, the Ti2 Sensor includes a housing design that’s twice as durable as previous generations, a proactive servicing module, and access to 2D AI Dental Findings that automatically detect up to six types of dental findings on 2D radiographs. 

With DEXIS, 2D AI Dental Findings are integrated into both DTX Studio™ Clinic and DEXIS Imaging Suite software – not a separate 3rd party application. 2D AI Dental Findings automatically identifies periapical radiolucency, bone loss, calculus, caries, discrepancy at margin of existing restoration, and root canal filling deficiency.

For patients with periodontal disease, we have been able to identify sub-gingival calculus and monitor their bone levels. Caries detection and diagnosis is clear and precise with the contrast available with these images, states Dr. Moe Katz of Newburgh Dental Associates.

The Ti2 Sensor housing is twice as durable and two times as drop-resistant as the Titanium Sensor. The new posterior holder and WiseAngle™ cable design reduce stress on the sensor/cable connection, further strengthening the Ti2 Sensor. 

DEXIS also focuses on maximizing the productivity of the dental practice with the newly launched DEXIS Connect Pro. The solution proactively monitors the health of the DEXIS family of sensors through IoT technology and automatically arranges support or equipment replacements if performance issues are ever detected. 

DEXIS Connect Pro provides the kind of customer experience I’ve come to expect from DEXIS, says Amber Metro-Sanchez, dental hygienist at Omni Dental. The knowledge that my sensor communicates with DEXIS support and that they’re ready to help me if I ever need it gives me peace-of-mind. They’ve always been so responsive and helpful, DEXIS Connect Pro really demonstrates the kind of attention to customer care and continuous innovation I’ve grown accustomed to with DEXIS.

Through the use of CleanCapture™ technology, the Ti2 Sensor captures high-resolution images by reducing noise and enhancing anatomical detail. The technology allows the sensor to be flexible and ready to adapt to varying exposure levels, generator usage, or positioning techniques to capture clear, accurate images reliably – even in challenging circumstances.

Equipped with its PerfectSize™ design, the Ti2 Sensor is engineered to fit every patient comfortably, making it a convenient, one-size-fits-all solution for busy practices.

Experience the new DEXIS Ti2 Sensor at booth 1665 during the 'CDA Anaheim Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry' event on May 16‐18, 2024.

*DEXIS Titanium Sensor- December 2023 SDM US Market Share Data.

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