CS Connect to DEXIS™ IS Connect Transition FAQ

Q: Will my CS Connect account be disabled if I am importing my CS Connect account profile into Dexis™ IS Connect™?
A: No, importing your CS Connect profile into DEXIS™ IS Connect does not prevent the usage of CS Connect.

Q: Is the order in which Laboratory and Dentist imported their profile important?
A: No. Given both dentist and laboratory have imported their profile, they will appear in their respective partner list, and cases history will be updated. The last one to import triggers this update but the result is the same regardless the order.
We recommend however the laboratory anticipate and signup now while dentist can do that a bit later when starting to use DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™.

Q: As a laboratory when should I sign up and import my profile in DEXIS™ IS Connect™?
A: The sooner the better to facilitate dentist transition and ensure you shall be present in his partner list when he signs up

Q: As a dentist, when should I sign up and import my profile in DEXIS™ IS Connect™?
A: When starting using DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™. There is no benefit to sign up before. Besides, the history of case to be imported in DEXIS™ IS Connect™ starts when both partners have signed up and is not further updated.

Q: Shall I be forced to change to DEXIS™ IS Connect™ from CS Connect™?
A: Customers who upgrade to DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ can still send their case with CS Connect™ when export is initiated from CS Imaging™.
Note: If the reason to send case from CS Connect™ is being able to send the case not within the “ScanFlow session”, but later from CS Imaging™, this can be achieved from DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ launched from the desktop

Q: As a CS Imaging 8 (Carestream Dental Imaging) user, what should I do when upgrading to DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ and how does this impact CS Connect usage?
A: Depending on other Carestream Dental applications usage and workflow, the following choices are possible 

  • You use CS Imaging 8 with other software as CS Imaging 3D (PDIP or others application)
    Select "Integrated" Type when installing DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™.
    Sharing cases shall be possible either from CS Imaging 8 via CS Connect, or from DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ via DEXIS™ IS Connect™. 
    Note that DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ history can be launched from the desktop to review the acquisition and share it with DEXIS™ IS Connect™ independently from CS Imaging even in integrated mode.
  • You use CS Imaging 8 to trigger the IOS acquisition and share it. 
    You can perform installation in "Standalone» Type
    In this configuration, you can share case form DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ only by via DEXIS™ IS Connect™.

Q: Is DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ compatible with Carestream Dental CS Imaging 8.0?
A: New version of DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ is compatible with CS Imaging 8. If a user wants to keep a CS Imaging – ScanFlow workflow, it is fully possible.
DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ release comes with at least 3 options:

  • Standalone Type: patient data (demographics, scans, etc.) are directly managed within DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™, you can transfer cases directly from DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ through DEXIS™ IS Connect™.
  • Integrated Type in CS Imaging (or other competitor): ScanFlow™ is acting as an acquisition software you can launch from CS Imaging. Patient data are managed within CS Imaging, CS Connect is managed from CS Imaging 8.
  • Integrated Type in DTX Studio: ScanFlow™ is acting as an acquisition software you can launch from DTX Studio. Patient data are managed within DTX Studio.
    Note that in integrated mode, DEXIS™ IS Scanflow™ can be launched from the desktop for review and export via DEXIS™ IS Connect™

Q: Why DEXIS™ IS Connect™ does not propose to import my CS Connect profile?
A: the email address entered to signup DEXIS™ IS Connect™ is not recognized as a CS Connect user. Check the email by signing in CS Connect

Q: I imported my CS Connect dentist profile while signing up in DEXIS™ IS Connect™ but I cannot find my partners.
A: Possible causes are listed below:

  • Your partner has not registered yet
  • Your partner has registered but has declined to import his profile

Q: DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ installation completed with an DEXIS™ IS Connect™ installation failure
A: This can be caused by Crowdstrike Anti-Virus. This antivirus may prevent DEXIS™ IS Connect™ to be installed but it will not prevent DEXIS™ IS Connect™ to work once installed.

  • Ask your IT Department to temporary disable the antivirus 
  • Sign up at dentalconnect.dexis.com 
  • Download and install DEXIS™ IS Connect™ when invited to do so
  • Enable the antivirus back

Alternatively, this can be caused by a network unavailability during installation process. In this situation, provided the network is back, execute steps 2 and 3 listed above.

Q: Why have I 2 data bases, although DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ is installed in integrated mode?
A: When installed as ‘integrated’, the data acquired is registered in the Imaging software database.
However, DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ maintains his cases history and gives access to all DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ features after acquisition, for example review and send a case later in the day. Therefore a second database is created.

Q: Why don’t I find recent cases (cases history) in DEXIS™ IS Connect™ although I have imported my profile when signing up in DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™? 
A: one of the conditions below may not be covered 

  • Cases history requires both dentist AND laboratory to have accepted to import their profile when signing up in DEXIS™ IS Connect™.
  • Case history addresses only cases that were downloaded by the laboratory and as such, reported as ‘consulted’ in CS Connect portal.
  • Case history is limited to 30 days.

Q: Who can help if I am getting issue with CS Imaging 8 - CS Connect workflow?
A: Carestream Dental continue to support CS Connect and you should contact them for any issue when sharing case with CS Connect. One may check the following to exclude a DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™-CS Imaging integration issue

Check if data from DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow™ is properly copied in the CS Imaging database. 

  • If yes, then the problem is likely an Issue with CS Imaging.
  • If no, escalade to Dexis™ Support team.

Q: I heard CS Connect Support will end this month, but should still be functional as it will be part of another Carestream product, what does this mean?
Carestream Dental continue to support CS Connect, contact them for further information. 
DEXIS™ do support Connect User in transfer from CS Connect to DEXIS™ IS Connect™. Contact us for such matter.