About DEXIS Imaging Solutions

DEXIS™ innovation is nothing new. After all, our recognized, trusted products are built on over 70 years of dental imaging expertise, combining leading brands including i-CAT, Gendex, Instrumentarium, SOREDEX, and NOMAD Pro 2. Today, over 150,000 imaging devices are currently being utilized in dental practices around the world. From our groundbreaking i-CAT and OP3D built on pioneering Cone Beam CT advancements, to the handheld NOMAD system, to our ruggedly intelligent DEXIS™ Titanium sensors — DEXIS™ solutions transform practices & patient smiles.



Our Story

We’re bringing it all together in one complete workflow. Introducing DEXIS™ — a new, unified brand with the same relentless quest for innovation. When you work with our DEXIS™ team members, you have a trusted, experienced partner. Our digital workflow specialists allow you to work with one person to discuss your goals and build a digital roadmap customized for your practice.


Your Complete Diagnostic Workflow

DEXIS™ solutions brings you the industry’s most comprehensive selection of diagnostic imaging products, intelligently designed to deliver a complete workflow. With leading products for X-ray generation, intraoral digital radiography, intraoral scanning, panoramic and cephalometric imaging, 3D CBCT imaging,and treatment planning software from one reliable and experienced partner, you’ll have everything you need for efficient, effective, and accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

So many innovative products. So easy to add to your practice. All DEXIS™ imaging products work seamlessly together and integrate with treatment planning software. This interoperability is one less headache for your office while supporting you, your team, and your patients.

DEXIS brands and products for North America

Future-Ready Innovation

While delivering enhanced workflow efficiencies today, DEXIS solutions prepare your practice for the treatments of tomorrow. See how DEXIS is driving the dental industry forward.

The only smart sensor on the market, our DEXIS Titanium sensors feature a new system for your sensor health to help keep your practice running smoothly and minimize downtime. DTX Studio award-winning software* is setting a new standard for imaging software, with new enhancements such as MagicSort™– automatic AI-powered tooth number recognition which automatically recognizes captured teeth on the intraoral X-ray image and assigns tooth numbers. Through our partnership with X-NAV technologies, DEXIS solutions include leading-edge 3D Navigation for implants, endodontics, and more. The list of future-forward innovations goes on and we’re just getting started.




Digital Workflow Experts available on demand

DEXIS™ solutions are known for their innovation and future-proof advancements, and behind our pioneering technologies are our people. The DEXIS™ team consists of the the industry's most experienced, committed and responsive experts. When you choose DEXIS™ solutions, you also have access to a dedicated team ready to support your success at any point in your journey with us.

Let our digital workflow specialists help you create a customized roadmap for your digital workflow and practice. Once your DEXIS™ solutions are in place, we’ll provide the training and educational resources including webinars and regional, in-person CE to maximize your staff’s comfort levels and proficiencies.





With our industry-best 60-day satisfaction guarantee on all DEXIS™ products, you’ll have confidence in your investment. When issues or questions do come up, our US-based support team is ready to assist and resolve them from day 1 to day 1,000 and beyond.

That’s the DEXIS™ difference. We invite you to experience it for yourself. What can DEXIS™ do for your diagnostic workflow today?


More Solutions Means More Flexibility

With an expansive portfolio of industry-leading products, DEXIS™ solutions provide you with more options and flexibility to meet your patients' needs and practice goals.

Choose the DEXIS™ Titanium perfect-sized sensor or go with the DEXIS IXS Size 1 and 2 sensors. Select the DEXIS OP 3D with multiple fields of view or go large with the i-CAT™ FLX V17. Use DEXIS™ Imaging Suite for 2D workflows. Or expand your possibilities with DTX Studio Clinic and DTX Studio Implant for full, digital diagnostic workflows that include 2D imaging, intraoral scanning, 3D CBCT, and implant planning.

Our DEXIS™ team works with you to create a digital roadmap for your practice on your terms. The choice is yours.