DEXIS Ti2 Sensor

DEXIS Ti2 Sensor

The #1 sensor* just got an upgrade.
Building on the success of the DEXIS™ Titanium Sensor, the leading intraoral sensor in the United States, DEXIS proudly introduces the next-generation - DEXIS™ Ti2 Sensor.

Meet the DEXIS Ti2 Sensor, the next generation of intraoral sensors.

Brand-new AI capabilities and durability enhancements put diagnostic excellence front and center.
Comfortable, durable, and one-size-fits-all, the DEXIS Ti2 Sensor empowers clinicians to capture high-resolution images consistently and enhance their diagnostic capabilities through AI.**




DEXIS Ti2 Extraordinary Images

High-clarity images

Increase confidence in diagnosis with CleanCapture™ technology, improved signal performance, and expanded dynamic range. 

DEXIS Ti2: Patient Comfort

One sensor to fit every patient

Equipped with its PerfectSize™ design, the Ti2 Sensor is engineered to fit every patient comfortably – making it your one-size-fits-all go-to.

DEXIS Ti2: Designed to Last

Designed to last

Enhance reliability with a sensor engineered and tested to have twice the durability of previous generations.

DEXIS Ti2: Proactive Servicing

Proactive monitoring and support

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have proactive monitoring and automatic sensor replacement under warranty to help keep your practice running smoothly.


DEXIS Ti2 x-ray image

High-clarity images on demand

The Ti2 Sensor is flexible and ready to adapt to varying exposure levels, generator usage, technique, or position to easily capture clear, accurate images on demand.    

Advanced CleanCapture technology  reduces noise and enhances anatomical detail, while its advanced signal return wires improve communication between the sensor and your computer – so you can capture high-resolution images reliably, even in challenging circumstances.

AI-powered dental findings**

Your 2D AI findings tool is your image analysis partner, automatically identifying up to six common dental findings on 2D radiographs, prompting you to evaluate each one and standardizing your diagnostic threshold. 

DTX Studio Clinic: 2D Dental findings

Proactive monitoring and support

The newly launched DEXIS Connect Pro is designed to ensure continuous peak performance of your sensor through the use of IoT technology.   

The solution proactively monitors your sensor’s health, scheduling automatic support calls or next-day equipment replacements should you ever experience an issue – so you can ensure your workflow is always running smoothly. 

Automatic software updates, unlimited telephone support, and remote online technical assistance are also always available to you should you ever need a helping hand. 

Designed to Last

With twice the durability of DEXIS Titanium, the Ti2 Sensor is tough, dependable, and primed to be the workhorse of your practice.

  • Innovative cable design
    The legacy WiseAngle™ cable further strengthens your sensor by reducing stress on the cable connection, ensuring a robust design you can count on day after day.
  • Strong connections
    To combat separation, the cable’s external jacket material extends over and is “welded” to the USB housing.
  • Tough, durable housing
    The housing, internally and externally, was designed to gain additional tensile strength. We selected a highly engineered thermo-plastic resin that stands up to heavy physical use, as well as a wide variety of disinfectant chemicals — keeping you and your patients protected.


With the Ti2 Sensor, you get unconditional support through DEXIS Connect Pro

The Ti2 Sensor includes an unconditional warranty with all purchases. Covered by the DEXIS Premier coverage tier during the first year of ownership, this unique warranty includes:

  • No-charge, next-day replacements for performance issues — no questions asked
  • Unlimited telephone and remote online technical assistance
  • Automatically pushed software updates
  • U.S.-based, online technical support
  • Proactive service capabilities with DEXIS Connect Pro

The DEXIS Complete plan is available for the life of the product. This will give you peace of mind and confidence that your practice will be up and running quickly.

At DEXIS, we want you and your team to be confident and comfortable with your new technology. With our 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, we stand by you, and we stand behind the quality of our products.


Physical Dimensionslength 39.86 x width 29.76mm
Dimensions1623 x 1324 px
Pixel Size19.5 µm
ResolutionTheoretical: 25.6 lp/mm Visible: 20+ lp/mm
USB PortUSB 2.0 / USB 3.0
Cable Length/Diameter2.5m / 3mm
Cable MaterialAramid-fiber Reinforced
DriverDEXIS IO Sensor Driver 3.0 or higher
Sensor TechnologyEnhanced CMOS (Csl Scintillator + Optical Fibers)
Mfg. Warranty1 Year
IoT ConnectivityDevice Health Monitoring, Automatic SW Updates
Device ProtectionOver Current, Over Voltage and Low Power
Recommended SoftwareDTX Studio Clinic or higher, DEXIS 10.4.1 or higher
Minimum Supported SoftwareDTX Studio Clinic 3.4.11 or higher, DEXIS 9.5.0 or higher, DEXIS 10.1.6 or higher, GxPicture 4.1.0 or higher

*December 2023 SDM US Market Share Data
**AI-powered diagnostics available through a direct integration with DTX Studio™ Clinic and DEXIS Imaging Software and available with every sensor purchase.