Clinical Cases

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Visualizing TMJ Osseous Morphology with OP 3D LX

An exploration into the challenging nature of diagnosing osteoarthritic pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and how Dr. Archambault rose to the challenge through 3D imaging.

Dr. Katya Archambault

The Diagnostic Power of 3D Imaging

Dr. Raj Gaur turns two surgeries into one by refining his diagnosis through 3D imaging.

Dr. Raj Gaur

Placement of Two Adjacent Crowns with a Highly Esthetic Outcome Using a Digital Workflow

Dr. Joseph Sabbagh demonstrates how taking a digital intraoral scan led him to the placement of 2 beautiful zirconia crowns with ‘perfect gums’ 2 months post-op.

Dr. Joseph Sabbagh

A Second Opinion and a Third Dimension Lead to Treatment Success

Dr. Bill Dischinger shares the story of how a mother’s instinct and a 3D scan led to a last-minute pivot and a non-extraction orthodontic plan in a 10-year-old patient.

Dr. Bill Dischinger

Revealing Accurate Diagnoses with CBCT

Dr. Francis LaCouvee shares how 3D imaging led him to reassess a patient’s condition, cancel his original referrals for endodontic and periodontic treatment and send him straight to an oral surgeon.

Dr. Francis LaCouvée

Bridging the Gap with 3D Imaging

Dr. Robert Benavides shares how his team used 3D visualizations and a multi-disciplinary approach to turn a skeptical and frustrated patient into a trusting one, eager to begin treatment. 

Dr. Robert Benavides

Scan, Plan, Place and Restore: an Everyday Digital Workflow

Dr. Robert Pauley uses his "Everyday Digital Workflow" for an implant on tooth #19, resulting in efficient use of clinical chair time, extremely accurate implant placement, healthy post-op osseointegration and a very happy patient.

Dr. Robert Pauley Jr.

A 3-unit Bridge Restoration of a Fractured Ceramic Crown Using a Digital Workflow

Dr. Joseph Sabbagh uses a simple digital workflow to turn a fractured ceramic crown into a beautifully restored zirconia bridge that showed perfect contact point and great soft tissue adaptation at 6 weeks post-op.

Dr. Joseph Sabbagh

Taking the Leap from Analog to Digital Impressions in Orthodontics

When Dr. Harris relocated his orthodontic practice, there was one thing he never wanted to do: store stone models. In this case study, Dr. Harris shares the huge changes his orthodontic practice has undergone since moving from analog to digital impressions.

Dr. Christopher Harris

Uncovering a Mesiodens with 3D Visualization

Dr. Greg Greenberg demonstrates how a 3D scan prompted him to change the course of a young patient’s orthodontic treatment, veering away from protocol and deciding against extraction of an impacted mesiodens.

Dr. Greg Greenberg

An Esthetic Minimally Invasive Rehabilitation Performed with a Fully Digital Workflow

Dr. Carlo Massimo Saratti demonstrates how a digital workflow allowed him to plan and execute the opening of a patient’s vertical dimension (VDO) resulting in a minimally invasive restoration and an exceptional prosthetic outcome.

Dr. Carlo Massimo Saratti