Exciting Updates to the DEXIS Digital Ecosystem: Introducing IS ScanFlow v.1.0.10!

The DEXIS digital ecosystem: empowering clinicians to manage their entire implant case, from diagnosis to delivery, with one integrated toolset.

DEXIS IS ScanFlow v1.0.10 has landed—and it’s packed with new features for 2024. A brand-new series of guided workflows and enhanced AI-powered tools puts intraoral scanning productivity front and center. 

The core of this release focuses on empowering clinicians to confidently scan through complex situations and acquire consistently accurate intraoral scans. This is accomplished through several key features in IS ScanFlow, including:

DEXIS IS ScanFlow: CaseFlow Manage

Choose from a series of simple, guided workflows

Easily fill out case information then move into a step-by-step workflow that will handle manual processes, anticipate next steps and assist you in acquiring the data you need for your chosen indication.

Confidently scan through complex situations

Accurately capture multiple scanbodies, full and partial edentulism or blood-filled post-surgical sites using your powerful, new AI Matching Tool.

DEXIS IS ScanFlow: AI Matching
DEXIS IS ScanFlow: Acquire accurate full-arch data the new "Full Arch Implant" workflow

Acquire accurate data with the new Full Arch Implant workflow

Let the software guide you through a 4-step process then automatically align your scans in occlusion— allowing you to send one precise, consolidated dataset to your lab or manufacturer.

Systematically detect problem areas in your scan

Benefit from enhanced digital impression rendering, resulting in a smoother mesh quality with heightened scanning accuracy.*

DEXIS IS ScanFlow: Systematically detect problem areas in your scan
DEXIS IS ScanFlow: Automatically acquire clean, accurate scanbodies

Automatically acquire clean, accurate scanbody scans

Leverage the enhanced Implant Scanbody AI Assist tool to detect scanbody data and automatically clean it—enabling you to obtain consistently accurate scan data.

Create quick and efficient lines of communication with your lab

View case progress and get real-time lab status updates directly in the Patient History screen—so you can communicate quickly, reduce delays and ensure timely completion of tasks.

DEXIS IS ScanFlow: Collaboration feature
DEXIS IS ScanFlow & DEXIS Imaging Suite software

Easily navigate to intraoral scans

Navigate directly to IS ScanFlow from DEXIS Imaging Suite software: the easy-to-use intuitive platform to manage your digital images— including 2D X-rays, clinical photos and intraoral scans.

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DEXIS Portfolio

Connect and manage your entire implant case with one, integrated toolset.

Truly optimize your implant workflow by seamlessly integrating IS ScanFlow into the DEXIS digital ecosystem—where you can manage your entire implant case, from diagnosis to delivery, with one integrated toolset. With this uniquely connected platform you now have the flexibility to personalize your workflows and the standardization to scale them. For more information about the DEXIS Digital Ecosystem and IS ScanFlow v1.0.10.

*as compared with previous IS ScanFlow versions