DTX Studio Clinic Imaging Software

The Ultimate Dental Imaging Software has a new name. DTX Studio Clinic, is the newest addition to our award-winning family of products that you have come to know and trust: Titanium, Gendex, i-CAT and many more, all brought to you by DEXIS.


Want to see DTX Studio Clinic in action?

What's better than winning the Cellerant Best the Class award. Winning it back to back 2 years strait.   


DTX Studio Clinic is more than just another image acquisition software

It's a powerhouse imaging platform that streamlines the digital diagnostic and treatment planning process, while also seamlessly integrating with existing imaging hardware and fostering clinical collaboration throughout your office and beyond. The award-winning DTX Studio Clinic puts you and your patients at the center, simplifying the interaction with your patient scans and images, and making each appointment more focused and valuable for everyone. From image acquisition, to diagnostics and treatment planning, DTX Studio Clinic brings all of your X-rays, photos, 2D and 3D, extraoral and intraoral imaging formats into one clear, comprehensive view.



DTX Studio Clinic Highlights






At DEXIS, we want you and your team to be confident and comfortable with your new technology. With our 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, we stand by you, and we stand behind the quality of our products.


All your imaging in one place

For all your patients at every visit. All modalities instantly accessible on your screens, in all your practice rooms, on Windows® PC and Mac® - for you and your entire team.


Practice Management Systems

DTX Studio Clinic interlinks with many practice management system software, so patient identifier information only has to be entered once.


From diagnostics to treatments

DTX Studio Clinic allows for direct operation during all sessions, in front of your patient, from diagnostics to treatment to follow-up visits. It interconnects seamlessly to implant, collaborative and restorative workflows.




SmartFusion - directly combining the best of two worlds

The intelligent way of directly combining surface models from all intraoral and desktop scanners with any CBCT scan using proprietary voxel-based algorithms. Accurate information of surfaces and underlying anatomy in 3D.

SmartFocus™ - enjoy smooth tooth-by-tooth navigation

With SmartFocus, using tooth positions as your reference, browse across your various patient images from different devices and sessions with just one click.

DTX Studio Implant

Plan implants for major implant systems according to the patient’s anatomy and prosthetic requirements during the first visit. Turn the plan into reality by using a surgical template or 3D navigated implant surgery.

DTX Studio Lab

The software is open for main intraoral and desktop scanners’ input, enabling you to produce in-house or connect to industrial production. It promotes workflows that bring labs and clinicians together from treatment planning to final restoration.


DTX Studio™ Go

Personalized online access to the DTX Studio Go web cloud portal allows you to manage your accounts, users licenses, access training and collaborate with your labs or referrals.

DTX Studio Go is an online platform, available on all computer and mobile devices that lets you download the software installers, manage installations and connect to other DTX Studio suite users. You can easily follow up on orders to any DTX Studio suite connection, like scan or TempShell requests.


Smooth collaboration

Sync data across the rooms within your practice. The DTX Studio Core application manages your imaging library in a central in-practice storage server connected within your local office network.



Secure sharing

With DTX Studio Go you can search and find clinics, labs or other service providers in your neighborhood to connect with. Outsource implant planning with a connected clinician using the DTX Studio suite or order a prosthetic restoration or a TempShell™ at a connected lab. You can also order a Nobel Procera® implant bar at the Nobel Biocare manufacturing facility. Dental scan requests and template requests for local production can also be administered via DTX Studio Go. 




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