DTX 3.2 with 2D Dental Findings*

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Bring all your 2D, 3D, intraoral scans and photography into one award-winning platform powered by assisted intelligence. AI helps do the work so you can focus on delivering better patient care.


“I’ve come to rely on DTX Studio Clinic as a kind of virtual assistant, the intelligent recognition, positioning and rotating features for my 2D radiographs save me significant time and effort, which lets me focus on diagnosing and treating my patients and create a stunning presentation chairside to share.” 
– Joe Mehranfar, DMD, ABOI/ID


DTXassist: 2D AI Dental Findings:

Your 2D AI findings tool is your image analysis partner, automatically identifying up to six common dental findings on 2D radiographs, prompting you to evaluate each one and standardizing your diagnostic threshold. 

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Recognize and sort all your 2D x-ray images into one template so you don’t have to do it manually. 

magic sort
nerve tracing

Mandibular Nerve Tracing

Map your patients' mandibular nerve canal in your CBCT scan with  AI-tracing of the nerve canal in your CBCT scan for better treatment planning.


Fuse together your CBCT scan with your intraoral scan data for a 3D view of underlying anatomy providing deeper visibility to diagnose and treat. 

smart fusion

Just one software that brings all these assisted intelligent features into one view to strengthen your ability to visually communicate treatment options, increase case acceptance, and focus on delivering the best patient care.


DTX Studio Clinic is a repeated winner of the Cellerant Best in Class award for continuous software innovation.

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