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DEXIS IS 3800W Product Brochure
DX00288 IS 3800W Product Brochure
DEXIS OP 2D Brochure.pdf
DEXIS OP 2D Brochure.pdf
SLA-069_B10.22 NOMAD 2022 TC
Handheld X-ray Service Agreement Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions are subject to the overall DEXIS Complete Terms and Conditions and comprises the specific terms and conditions of your (“Customer” or “You”) service “Plan(s)” for Your Dental Imaging Technologies Corporation (“COMPANY”) products (Brands include NOMAD) (the “HARDWARE”). In the event that these terms and conditions conflict with the DEXIS Complete Terms and Conditions of additional Plan(s) then these terms and conditions shall prevail over those of the additional Plan(s).
Case Study: Revealing Accurate Diagnoses with CBCT Imaging - Dr. Francis LaCouvee, DMD, Revealing Accurate Diagnoses with CBCT Imaging
Case study white paper with Dr. Francis LaCouvee, DMD discussing CBCT for accurate dental diagnosis
DEXIS NOMAD Pro 2 Brochure
DEXIS NOMAD Pro 2 Handheld X-ray system
The i-CAT Story Brochure
i-CAT FLX Series - Envision a future of freedom
DEXIS Extraoral Imaging Service Coverage
DEXIS is dedicated to providing dependable and efficient support and services to keep your extraoral imaging systems in optimum working condition.
DEXIS IXS Brochure
The DEXIS IXS sensors are designed to address common digital sensor challenges.
DEXIS Complete Handheld X-Ray Protection Plan
DEXIS Complete service agreement and coverage for Handheld X-Ray Systems
DEXIS Focus - The Intraoral X-ray of Choice
The DEXIS FOCUS leverages the vast knowledge and numerous success of both the Gendex and INSTRUMENTARIUM design and engineering teams into the development of one remarkable product under the trusted DEXIS name.