DTX Studio™ Premium Q

Fast and effortless quality assurance solution

DTX Studio™ Premium Q is a quality assurance and reporting solution compatible with DEXIS™ OP 3D™ and DEXIS™ OP 3D™ Pro devices, and applicable to all imaging modalities (Pan, Ceph, CBCT).

It is intended for the DACH market requiring extraoral X-ray imaging devices to follow DIN standards.


Premium Q has the following capabilities:

  • Acceptance test according to DIN 6868-151 (PAN and CEPH) and DIN 6868-161 (CBCT)
  • Constancy test according to DIN 6868-5 (PAN and CEPH) and DIN 6868-15 (CBCT)
  • Additional annual tests according to DIN 6868-15 (CBCT)
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DTX Studio™ Premium Q is a reliable quality assurance solution for DEXIS OP 3D™ and DEXIS OP 3D™ Pro.




Time saving

Premium Q accelerates the acceptance test procedure by up to 50% compared to current QA solutions by automating process steps of the test, for instance the reference images creation. Both 2D and 3D reference images are stored in the database creating ease of access to all taken reference images.

*Time savings based on comparative testing of Premium Q, time-savings may vary

Ease of Use

Premium Q intuitively guides users through acceptance and constancy testing, while calculating and evaluating required parameters in an automated manner. Furthermore, Premium Q notifies, whether testing was successful or needs to be repeated. This guided workflow enables effortless quality assurance for DEXIS™ OP 3D™ and OP 3D™ Pro devices.

Automated reporting

Premium Q generates automated acceptance and constancy test reports, combining 2D and 3D modalities, after each test, or as summary reports.


In combination with DEXIS™ OP 3D™ and OP 3D™ Pro devices, Premium Q offers Clinician’s confidence and peace of mind, by assuring diagnostic quality, compliant with DIN standards, in a reliable, effortless, and efficient manner

Delivery Content

DTX Studio Premium Q Kit

DTX Studio™ Premium Q kit includes:

DIN2013 Phantom QA Toolkit:

  • 3D QC test phantom
  • 3D QC phantom holder for OP 3D
    Phantom holder for OP 3D Pro is included in the OP 3D Pro (3D model) standard delivery
  • Acceptance test eManual
  • Constancy test eManual

DTX Studio™ Premium Q license (eDelivery):

  • 10 installations
  • 5 users / login

DTX Core license (eDelivery):

  • 1 installation

Contact us

For more information on DTX Studio™ Premium Q solution, kindly contact your local DEXIS™ service or sales team.

Premium Q is offered by default (replacing the current solution) with all new DEXIS™ OP 3D™ and OP 3D™ Pro CBCT devices (in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), starting from the first week of July.