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We offer flexible webinars to expand your knowledge at your own pace. Our webinars are led by dental industry experts and leaders on the latest topics from digital workflows and radiology, to utilizing Assisted Intelligence.

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The role of CBCT in endodontics
Speaker: Joanna Piechocińska

DEXIS CBCT & DTX Studio™ - The perfect fit for Implant planning 
Speaker: Barry Chandler

New age of digital diagnosis powered by AI
Speaker: Adam Wickenden

Role of CBCT, IOS, Photography, Diagnosis and Implant Treatment Planning
Speaker: Dr. Joe Mehranfar & Mr. Sean Han

Cosmetic Digital Workflow: Unlock the Potential in your Planning
Speaker: Dr. Greg Gillespie

Dental Radiology: 2D and 3D Consideration in Endodontics
Speaker: Dr. Judy McIntyre

Optimizing Your CBCT: Overcoming Common Barriers
Speaker: Dr. Martina Parrone

CBCT Diagnosis: Bringing AI into Your Daily Clinical Life
Speaker: Dr. Katya Archambault

Top 10 Tips & Tricks for 3D Imaging
Speaker: Dr. Lina Albitar

DTX Studio Clinic: Seeing the full picture down to the finest details.

DTX Studio Clinic: The future of imaging starts here

Understanding Nasal Sinus Anatomy and Function & How to Diagnose TMD

Dr. Daniel Klauer

Think 3D: How to Read a CBCT Scan 

Dr. Katya Archambault

Over Half of All Implant Cases Require Bone Grafting. What You Need to Know

Dr. Ben Johnson