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DX00304 RevC DEXIS OP 3D Pan-Ceph Brochure
DTX Studio™ Driver 22.4 release
DTX Studio™ Driver 22.4 with IAM 5.32 driver package (full version 5.32.21436) has been released including new features, fixes and updates. DTX Studio™ Driver 22.4 replaces the previous release.

Required actions
This release is recommended for all new installations and to upgrade existing installations. Before upgrading an existing installation, ensure all connected devices have supported firmware versions, especially for 3D devices. Please refer to Compatible imaging device firmware versions for details.
Formerly we have manufactured ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D, as well as it’s accessories and consumables under the KaVo brand name, we have only changed the brand name to DEXIS™.
Devices, accessories and consumables are identical regardless the brand, so there is no change in the quality, form, fit or function of the products we provide.
Also, the original terms of all warranties remain unchanged.
DEXIS IS 3800W Product Brochure
DX00288 IS 3800W Product Brochure
DEXIS OP 2D Brochure.pdf
DEXIS OP 2D Brochure.pdf
DX00517_RevA DEXS Social Media Terms of Use
DEXS Social Media Terms of Use
SLA-067_B10.22 Extraoral 2022 T&C
Handheld X-ray Service Agreement Terms and Conditions
DEXIS Complete - Terms and Conditions
DEXIS™ Complete Service Agreement Terms and Conditions This Service Level Agreement (the “Agreement”) comprises the general terms and conditions of your (“Customer” or “You”) service “Plan(s)” for your Dental Imaging Technologies Corporation (collectively “COMPANY”) products. COMPANY brands include DEXIS, DEXIS Imaging, Gendex, Instrumentarium, Soredex, i-CAT, and NOMAD. Types of products include I/O Sensor, I/O Camera, I/O Scanner, 2D X Ray, CT and Cone Beam 3D Imaging Products and handheld and X-ray devices.