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Want to be the first to try AI 2D Dental Findings?

DTX Studio Clinic now offers AI screening that supports six pathological dental findings on 2D intraoral X-ray images fully integrated within imaging software.



Periapical Radiolucency

Apical lesion

Root Canal Filling Deficiency

Root Canal

Discrepancy at Margin

Marginal defect

Bone Loss

Bone Loss




First to concurrently identify six dental findings through assisted intelligence.


DEXassist solution

Other 1

Other 2

Other 3

Dental Findings

6 Types

(Caries, Calculus, Discrepancy at Margin, Periapical Radiolucency, Bone Loss, and Root Canal Filling Deficiency) 

4 Types

(Caries, Calculus, Discrepancy at Margin, and Periapical Radiolucency)

3 Types

(Caries, Calculus, and Periapical Radiolucency)

1 Type


Intended Use





Image Types

Periapical and Bitewing IOR images

Periapical and Bitewing IOR images

Bitewing IOR images*

(*Calculus also cleared for Periapical)

Bitewing IOR images

Patient Indication

Permanent teeth in patients 15 years and older

Permanent teeth in patients 12 years ans older

Permaent teeth in patients 12 years and older

Adult Patients

22 years and older

Service Type

On-Premise - Fully Integrated

Cloud Service

Cloud Service

Cloud Service


With DTX Studio Clinic, clinicians can present patients with a comprehensive view of the diagnosis and treatment plan, building patient understanding and trust while also driving practice efficiencies.