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DEXIS IXS Brochure
The DEXIS IXS sensors are designed to address common digital sensor challenges.
DEXIS Complete Handheld X-Ray Protection Plan
DEXIS Complete service agreement and coverage for Handheld X-Ray Systems
DEXIS Focus - The Intraoral X-ray of Choice
The DEXIS FOCUS leverages the vast knowledge and numerous success of both the Gendex and INSTRUMENTARIUM design and engineering teams into the development of one remarkable product under the trusted DEXIS name.
DEXIS FOCUS x-ray generator technology ensures safe exposure and repeatable image quality.
DEXIS IXS Digital Sensor
If you like your Gendex GXS-700m then you will love DEXIS IXS sensors
DEXIS IOS Solutions IS ScanFlow v1.0.9 Product News
This product news provided an overview of the latest enhancements in DEXIS IS ScanFlow v1.0.9
NOMAD Pro 2 Disinfection - Care Instructions
DEXIS NOMAD Dr.LisaJacob - Brochure
NOMAD How to Wake Up Battery - Flyer