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End-to-end speed and simplicity with our new, 
cutting-edge family of intraoral scanners

Transforming your practice  
with new possibilities

We are proud to announce Carestream Dental™ intraoral solutions are now part of our solutions portfolio. 
Packaged with the ultra-powerful CS ScanFlow software, these future-ready scanners deliver new possibilities for image acquisition, treatment planning, and file transfer.

FAST and 

Intraoral scanners: CS 3600, CS 3700, CS 3800

Whether you are new to the benefits of digital intraoral scanning or are an experienced user who wants to upgrade to high-speed wireless capability, we have a scanner that will quickly make a difference to your practice.

Intraoral scanner: CS 3600
CS 3600 
A Smart Way to Scan

New to digital scanning? This could be the right choice for you. With dedicated restoration, orthodontic and implant-borne restorative workflows, the CS 3600 meets your clinical needs - seamlessly.

Intraoral scanner: CS 3700
CS 3700 
Precision, accelerated

The CS 3700 delivers turbo-speed scanning and unique features such as patented smart-shade matching. Its sleek ergonomic design makes scanning comfortable both for both user and patient.

Intraoral scanner: CS 3800
CS 3800 Wireless 
Freedom at Your Fingertips

The top-of-the-line CS 3800 is a wireless, ultra-lightweight and compact scanner that gives you enhanced working freedom. You get one hour of continuous scanning on just one charge.


Software that makes everything simple

Software that makes everything simple All our intraoral scanners are paired with CS ScanFlow software. Powerful and intuitive, it enables accurate digital impression acquisition in a few straightforward steps.

Get endless workflow capacity, faster scanning, expanded processing options, one-click export and touchscreen capabilities. Communicate with an unlimited number of labs and partners in a completely open system.

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