DEXIS IS Ortho: setup dueal views before and after

IS Ortho

Simplify dental 3D model analysis and setup

IS Ortho screenshot on GDAM IS Ortho Simplify dental 3D model analysis and setup We didn’t just improve the manual process for analyzing models and creating orthodontic setups—we automated it.

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Simplify model analysis and setup with IS Ortho

IS Ortho provides you with a swift and intuitive solution, allowing you to quickly assess your digital models and generate virtual orthodontic setups within minutes.

In addition to saving time, IS Ortho enhances case acceptance, as patients can easily understand the proposed treatment and visualize potential outcomes.

IS Ortho: Sell occlusion map dual views


  • Save time with automatic detection and labeling of the teeth
  • Select teeth to be extracted, and indicate whether the treatment goal is to close space, replace the tooth or to simulate IPR
  • Examine inter-incisor relationship inter-canine expansion and Curve of Spee leveling
  • Assess the case’s level of difficulty from a wide range of common industry standards, including the Bolton discrepancy analysis, PAR index, HLD score, and ABO discrepancy index
  • Simulate various virtual setups by using different therapeutic treatment options
  • Obtain automatically generated, customized patient reports
  • Designed to work with your DEXIS intraoral scanner*

*IS Ortho software is also compatible with Carestream Dental branded CS 3600, CS 3700 and CS 3800 intraoral scanners.


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