Laptop with IS ScanFlow and the intraoral scanner DEXIS IS 3800W on its dock charging station

DEXIS™ IS ScanFlow

Simplicity at work

Designed to seamlessly pair with your DEXIS intraoral scanner, IS ScanFlow redefines and simplifies how you scan, diagnose and communicate with your patients.

Want to see IS ScanFlow in action?

DEXIS IS ScanFlow is completely open, letting you work freely among different clinical applications with open workflow capability, expanded processing options, one-click export and touchscreen capabilities.

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Dr. Sebastian Patzelt, Germany

“The DEXIS IS 3800W intraoral scanner and its predecessors have enabled me to apply digital dentistry to all my prosthetic and implant cases. Now, with the new AI applications in DEXIS IS ScanFlow, I'm able to digitize the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity for fixed, removable or implant cases accurately and efficiently.”

— Dr. Sebastian Patzelt, Germany

Dr. Lucile Dahan

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IS ScanFlow allows for intuitive and fast scanning of both single and plural scan bodies, whether they are embedded or edentulous.”

— Dr. Lucile Dahan, France

Dr. Beat R. Kurt

“The newest release of DEXIS IS ScanFlow is fast, accurate and extremely easy to use. The new lab ordering tool has really made my prescription process simple and getting the live status updates are a huge help because I always know where my case stands.”

— Dr. Beat R. Kurt, Switzerland

Dr Robert Pauly Jr

“We’ve used the new Full Arch Implant workflow for 5 cases so far, with fantastic results for each one. It’s very easy to take the common scan with the provisional in place, remove and scan the provisional and then obtain a final scan of the soft tissue with scanbodies.
So far, we’ve delivered 2 final prostheses and tried in 3 prototypes and I’m excited to say that each have fit passively with ideal occlusion, which really speaks to the accuracy of the data”

— Dr. Robert Pauley, USA

IS ScanFlow software gives you flexibility in how you scan.

It's in our DNA to constantly strive for continuous improvement and innovation. Discover what’s new in our latest version of IS ScanFlow v.1.0.10.

Our Scan and Go workflow is a user-friendly way to start scanning as soon as you enter the software. With this feature, you can easily switch between various clinical indications and treatment options.

We understand the importance of flexibility, so you can scan using your preferred scan path to fit your unique needs. Let us help you streamline your workflow and improve patient care.

A Comprehensive Solution

If you're looking for a more comprehensive solution, our new CaseFlow Manager workflow guides you through lab prescription entry, scan acquisition, and transmission to your preferred lab.

Define lab prescription with zero to full detail before or after scanning, and make changes to your catalogue even during the scanning process.

Monitor the dental lab status of your cases and take a proactive approach by resolving questions or concerns immediately, while simplifying your communication with the lab.

DEXIS IS ScanFlow: CaseFlow Manage
DEXIS IOS: Restorative, Orthodontics, Implant, Dentures, Sleep

Our open platform creates opportunities

Take a scan and navigate freely among different clinical applications including restorative, implant, orthodontics, denture, and sleep.

Optimized scanning with AI

IS ScanFlow includes AI-driven tools, such as Soft Tissue Removal, AI Matching, Smart-Shade Matching and Scanbody AI Assist* that automatically perform tasks that previously required manual intervention.

Let the power of AI simplify your scanning process and workflow.

DEXIS IS ScanFlow Scanbody
DEXIS IS ScanFlow scan warning

Don’t miss a thing

Our software features a scan warning that will promptly notify you whenever an area requires additional scanning, allowing you to capture the necessary data with ease.

Hybrid scanning

Enhances the capture of challenging data such as subgingival margins via hybrid scanning in restorative and implant-born restorative workflows.

DEXIS IS ScanFlow Hybrid scanning
DEXIS IS ScanFlow 2D Capture and edit

Built-in 2D intraoral camera

Use your DEXIS intraoral scanner to obtain vivid 2D color images and automatically extract them during your scan process without the need to invest in other equipment.**

One-click Export

IS ScanFlow enhances your collaboration capabilities with easy and secured file transfer directly from the software.

With one-click you can:

  • Send files to your preferred lab, manufacturer, or the Quick Connect partner network.
  • Open orthodontic or restorative scans in DEXIS IS Model or exocad ChairsideCAD.
  • Save scans as open file format (STL/PLY) in your selected folder.
  • Print your files through our integrated 3D printing collaboration with SprintRay™, FormlabsTM or with your printing partner of choice.
  • Share a video of the scan with your patients via email.
IS ScanFlow Spark and SprintRay export buttons

Find out how to Unlock the potential of a DEXIS intraoral scanner

Find out which scanner is right for you

Our portfolio of intraoral scanners is designed to work the way you do.


IS 3800W   
Freedom at Your Fingertips 

Wireless, lightweight and fast. The premium wireless scanner. It’s compact, ultra-light and improves working freedom with a faster and smoother scanning experience.


IS 3800  
Simplify Your Scanning

Compact and ultra-lightweight design by Studio F. A. Porsche. Our premium wired scanner offers optimal ergonomics and a high-speed scanning experience.

IS 3700

IS 3700   
Precision Accelerated

When precision meets design. The high-performance turbo-speed scanner with increased workflow flexibility and an ergonomic design by Studio F. A. Porsche.

Validated Third-Party Partners

Thanks to our open-architecture, DEXIS intraoral scanners are compatible with any CAD software that accepts STL files, regardless of whether they are listed below:

Validated Third Parties DEXIS IS ScanFlow 2024/02/05


To view Documents, please visit the Download Center.

*We recommend having 6 GB of VRAM when using Scanbody AI Assist as well as updating to the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers. For optimal performance, we do not recommend using Scanbody AI Assist with Fast Scan or Anti-Reflective scan modes. 
** IS 3700 allows for the extraction of 2D images from the dataset; IS 3800 and IS 3800W provide direct capture capability of 2D images.