CS Model+ Setup

CS Model+

Automatically Segment, Setup and Present

We didn’t just improve the manual process for analyzing models and creating orthodontic setups—we reinvented it.


Want to see the CS Model+ in action?


Simplify model analysis and setup with CS Model+

Now, with CS Model+, you have a faster, more intuitive solution, one that enables you to evaluate your digital models and create virtual orthodontic setups in minutes.

Besides the time savings, you’ll boost case acceptance, because your patients can better understand their treatment and more effectively visualize potential outcomes.

IS Model+ V6 Setup Superposition


  • Save time with automatic detection and labeling of the teeth
  • Select teeth to be extracted, and indicate whether treatment goal is to close space, replace the tooth or to simulate IPR
  • Examine inter-incisor relationship inter-canine expansion and Curve of Spee leveling
  • Assess the case’s level of difficulty from a wide range of common industry standards, including the Bolton discrepancy analysis, PAR index, ABO discrepancy index and more
  • Simulate various virtual setups by using different therapeutic treatment options
  • Obtain automatically generated, customized patient reports


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