DEXIS IS 3800 Standard Tip

DEXIS™ IS 3800

Simplify your scanning

Accurate, fast and simple intraoral scanning 

DEXIS IS 3800, our premium wired scanner, is a game-changer for dental professionals. Thanks to its compact and ergonomic design by Studio F. A. Porsche, the IS 3800 offers you optimal ergonomics and a high-speed scanning experience. The scanner is powered by IS ScanFlow software, which redefines and simplifies how you scan, diagnose and communicate with your patients.

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“IS 3800: lighter, faster and more intuitive than all previous generations of DEXIS wired intraoral scanners. A must for those who are finally getting into optical impressions.”

— Dr. Yaovi Tchetchou

Dr Yaovi Tchetchou

Say hello to a comfortable and efficient scanning experience

With control of functionality right on the hand piece, including scanning modes, you'll spend less time switching back and forth between the screen and your patient. 

With its USB Type-C connection, the IS 3800 derives its power directly from the computer without the need for additional power cables.

Super-fast scanning

With a proven scanning time of 25 seconds for a single arch,* the IS 3800 speed captures dual arch scans with ease and frees up time for focusing on patients.

*In vitro test performed on a stone model

Ultra-lightweight and compact

Weighing only 190 grams, the IS 3800 is one if the lightest intraoral scanners in the market with a compact form factor that fits comfortably in your hand.

Dynamic handpiece control

Two buttons let you intuitively access IS 3800 functions right at your fingertips, allowing for simple capture of both arches and the bite acquisition.

A Smooth scanning experience

The IS 3800’s enlarged 16 mm x 14 mm field-of-view and broad depth of field capture the details you need.

Interchangeable tips

Three styles are provided to optimize scanning comfort. The tips can be autoclaved up to 110 times, reducing consumable costs and ensuring proper sterilization.

Gesture Motion Control

The IS 3800 handpiece features an embedded sensor that lets you orient the digital model on screen by simply rotating the scanner, eliminating the need to use the mouse.

Smart-shade matching

Automatically detects the shade of the enamel and provides an automated multi-layer shade report that identifies the ideal match.

DEXIS IS ScanFlow: Smart & Shade
IS: Expansive workflows

Expansive workflows

Revolutionary workflow within IS ScanFlow allows the user to navigate freely among different clinical indications including Restorative, Implant, Orthodontics, Denture and Sleep from a single scan.

Open system capability

Simplify your in-office printing of crowns, appliances, or surgical guides through our integrated 3D printing collaboration with SprintRay™, or with your printing partner of choice.

Quick connection with labs

Easily transfer your STL, PLY, OBJ, xOrder for DWOS, and Dentalproject for exocad files to your preferred lab or manufacturer via the Quick Connect partner network, with no proprietary restrictions.

IS ScanFlow Spark and SprintRay export buttons
DEXIS IS Voyager with IS 3800

Optimal mobility from room to room

Combine the IS 3800 with the IS Voyager configuration for optimal mobility. DEXIS IS Voyager is a sleek, flexible and ergonomic mobile trolley that enables convenient intraoral scanning and enhanced patient engagement—right at the chair.

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