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DEXIS Titanium: The clear choice for intraoral sensors

DEXIS™ Titanium digital intraoral sensors deliver clear, crisp images with improved tissue contrast and lower radiation dose, so you can make confident diagnoses.

When most dentists begin to treat a patient, they take an x-ray. A crisp image allows dentists to make an accurate diagnosis and explain the treatment plan to patients, so it's critical that images are sharp and sensor devices are fast, reliable, and comfortable for the patient.

DEXIS Titanium is a revolutionary bitewing sensor that offers remarkable clarity and uses CleanCapture technology for improved signal performance and expanded range. Clinicians will find consistent image clarity with horizontal bitewings, improved tissue contrast across a broader spectrum of radiation levels--especially at low doses--and less “noise” that causes pixelated images. The innovative design drastically reduces “noise” while safeguarding image integrity.

“It’s quick, easy, and efficient—you get the results the way you want them, and the patients’ comfort level offered by the DEXIS Titanium sensor is superior to any other sensor on the market.”
- Mitchell Pasenkoff, DMD

SMART technology allows clinicians to remotely diagnose the sensor and receive alerts about sensor performance, reducing the need for long phone calls. If an issue does arise, an alert is automatically sent to DEXIS Technical Support. This ensures that a quick resolution can be made, reducing patient risk. If an issue is detected, the sensor will automatically turn off, protecting patients from unnecessary radiation. The sensor's SMART technology also features the ability to perform automatic software updates, guaranteeing that your drivers and imaging software are never out-of-date.

A solid performer 

“This sensor is our workhorse,” said Mitchell Pasenkoff, DMD, of Norfolk, MA. “Especially on Saturdays, when I am here with 2 hygienists, the sensor really takes a beating, and we’ve never had a problem with it, not once.”

The DEXIS Titanium sensor is built to withstand impact and help eliminate failure. Its Kevlar-reinforced cable is durable and designed to stand up to repeated bite force, impacts, and repeated sanitizing with multiple disinfectant chemicals. In addition, the unique WiseAngle feature helps reduce stress on the sensor-to-cable connection.

Dr. Pasenkoff estimates that his office staff uses the DEXIS Titanium sensor between 10 and 15 times a day, and he is pleased with how well it has performed over the last several years.

“These are devices that generally are prone to breakage because of what we ask them to do each day in our practices,” said Dr. Pasenkoff. “So, the unconditional warranty is a big benefit to using this particular sensor. But there’s been no breakage at all over the last several years with this sensor.”

Warranty without questions 

DEXIS offers an unconditional replacement warranty that provides next-day replacements for performance issues, no questions asked. In addition, DEXIS provides unlimited telephone and remote online technical assistance, as well as automatically-pushed software updates.

In addition to its innovative cable design, the sensor connects with a simple USB into a computer tower. The device's "plug and play" feature is an advantage over wireless connections, according to Dr. Pasenkoff. "Our images are crisp, crystal clear and never foggy," he said.

Optimal Patient Comfort 

The DEXIS Titanium sensor is designed to offer patients maximum comfort, helping them enjoy a positive experience and feel more at ease. The single-sensor solution allows several intraoral images to be captured with just one sensor—a feature that saves patients the hassle of switching between multiple-size sensors.

"The sensor design with rounded edges, wider platform and smart cable exit all work together to make taking an x-ray more comfortable for our patients," Dr. Pasenkoff said. "We're also very happy with the quality of images produced by our new machine."

Dr. Pasenkoff explained, “The images are very sharp. It’s an excellent sensor. It’s quick, easy and efficient--you get the results the way you want them and the patients' comfort level offered by the DEXIS Titanium sensor is superior to any other sensor on the market.”

-Originated from a Dental Product Shopper article. 
The opinions presented are those of Dr. Mitchell Pasenkoff. DEXIS is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own judgment in treating their patients.