The one for all your needs with Low Dose Technology™ and five volume sizes.

The one for all your needs: ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ 3D Pro.

The image quality of an ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH, combined with DEXIS product excellence and maximum operating comfort: This is the DEXIS OP 3D Pro. High-precision 2D images with multilayer pan function and V-Shape-Beam Technology. These features combined with four individual image resolutions in 3D, five volume sizes, Automatic Dose Control and the innovative Low Dose Technology make the OP 3D Pro the ultimate choice for every X-ray indication — whether it is used as a standard 2D device or as a 3D device; with or without a cephalometric option.

OP 3D Pro Highlights


At DEXIS, we want you and your team to be confident and comfortable with your new technology. With our 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, we stand by you, and we stand behind the quality of our products.



With the purchase of any new CBCT equipment, DEXIS and Beam Readers are teaming up to offer 60 radiology reports in your first 60 days of ownership. Whether you are new to CBCT or an imaging veteran, enhance your radiological and diagnostic capabilities as you incorporate your new CBCT into your practice.



Your benefits at a glance

  • Very low radiation doses with Low Dose Technology™
  • Maximum flexibility with 5 volume sizes up to FOV 13x15 cm and 4 resolutions
  • Ability to compensate for incorrect patient positioning and difficult anatomies with Multilayer feature providing five panoramic images with only one scan
  • Automatically obtaining the most optimum panoramic image layer with ORTHOfocus™
  • Simple, intuitive operation thanks to the new touch panel user interface
  • Proven modular concept for maximum investment reliability


General Dentists

3-in-1 X-ray device for an excellent and reliable investment


One volume with special endo resolution and appropriate volume size for the finest structures


The highest image quality for panoramic and cephalometric exposures. Excellent and adjustable 3D quality for retinated and impacted teeth

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Tailored volume sizes for the entire maxillofacial region. Comprehensive analysis and planning functions in the X-ray software


5 different fields of view with optimized image quality — from single implants to a complete set, including planning of surgical drilling templates

Radiation reduction with Low Dose Technology™


The innovative Low Dose Technology™ (LDT) of the DEXIS OP 3D Pro enables optimized quality in 3D X-ray images with a lower dose of radiation. For dose sensitive cases in particular, such as follow-up exposures or exposures of children, radiation reduction for protecting your patients represents indispensable added value.

Automatic adjustment of the radiation dose in exposures

ADC for 2D and 3D

Proprietary ADC technology automatically optimizes panoramic and 3D exposure levels for each patient and every acquisition, resulting in patient-specific dosage and enhanced workflow efficiency.


Automatic Spine Compensation optimizes the image quality through a dosage adjustment around the spine area.


The Automatic Facial Contour decreases exposure factors in the facial soft tissue region to provide improved visibility of soft tissue tracing points, in addition to a reduction in patient dose.


For consistent panoramic image quality, the ORTHOfocus feature obtains optimum image layer automatically — enabling forgiving patient positioning.


Five Field of Views —multiple possibilities

For all five volume sizes, you can choose from three image resolutions. For the 5 x Ø 5 cm (6 x Ø 4 cm*) volume, there is an endo resolution available. Each setting provides the perfect resolution in relation to the relevant indication. The five different volume sizes ensure reliable 3D diagnosis throughout the maxillofacial region.

5 x ø 5 cm (6 x ø 4 cm*)

Local diagnostics:
  • Planning individual implants
  • Wisdom tooth extractions
  • Retinated teeth
  • With endo resolution for high-precision imaging of the canal structures and of the periodontium

6 x ø 8 cm

Illustration of one dental arch:
  • Planning multiple implants in one jaw
  • Drilling templates

* In the small panel (SFOV) version of the OP 3D Pro, only the two volume sizes 6 x Ø 4 cm and 6 x Ø 8 cm are available.

8 x ø 8 cm

Illustration of both dental arches and parts of the maxillary sinuses:
  • Planning multiple implants in both jaws
  • Drilling templates
  • Sinus analysis in children

8 x ø 15 cm

Illustration of the upper and lower jaw region:
  • Illustration of the sinusitis maxillaris
  • TMJ diagnosis
  • Upper spinal column and respiratory tracts
  • "The 3D panoramic"

13 x ø 15 cm*

Illustration of the entire maxillofacial region:
  • Maxillary surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • TMJ diagnosis
  • Trauma diagnosis
  • ENT diagnosis

Integrated programs for optimized image quality

Four resolutions

Individually selectable resolutions from low dose to standard to high resolution. In the 5 x Ø 5 cm (6 x 4 cm*) volume, there is also an endo resolution for high-precision imaging of canal structures and the periodontium.

Clearer images with MAR technology

The user-selectable metal artifact reduction (MAR) reduces the influence of scattered radiation, which emerge on high-density structures in X-ray volumes. This optimizes the imaging of teeth with filled root canals in particular.

Homogeneous images with V-Shape-Beam Technology

A V-shaped beam better considers the different absorption of the human anatomy than a standard beam, thus ensuring a homogeneous image presentation. As a result, the structures of the upper jaw are better penetrated and the sharply presented layer in the lower jaw is significantly broader.

Because 5 is better than 1: Multilayer pan function

The multilayer pan function supplies five layers with one exposure with the same scan time and dosage as a single panoramic exposure. The focus area enlarged through the five layers reduces the risk of retakes, e.g. in cases with malocclusion.


* In the small panel (SFOV) version of the OP 3D Pro, only the two volume sizes 6 x Ø 4 cm and 6 x Ø 8 cm are available.

Selected programs for exceptional diagnosis

The standard panoramic program provides clear definition of the dental anatomy including TMJs. For children there is a height and width collimation program for dosage reduction.

The Ortho Zone program provides a special geometry with a broad anterior layer for patients with extreme occlusive abnormalities.

Programs for lateral and frontal temporomandibular joint (TMJ) exposures with open or closed mouths.

Special program for bite wing-like imaging with specific segmentation and collimation.

From easy to simply self-explanatory. The new 10.4 inch touch panel

The operation of the DEXIS OP 3D Pro is designed so that all workflows are performed intuitively and in a matter of seconds. The clear structure and easy-to-understand symbols make the settings self-explanatory. Whether it is used for 2D or 3D exposures, the 10.4-inch touch panel enables simple and clear operation, affording operational reliability and impressive savings in terms of time.


With SMARTVIEW™, you can see before what will be recorded later in 3D

With SMARTVIEW functionality FOV positioning accuracy can be verified or adjusted if needed before CBCT examination. Furthermore, the FOV can be positioned freely to the region of interest, both in horizontal and vertical directions — with ease and confidence.

Perfect, free positioning of the volume on the region of interest is performed directly through the touch panel

SMARTVIEW generates two 2D preview images of the region under analysis

5-point patient positioining for less movement artifacts

Position exactly and restfully maintain this position: Correct positioning is confirmed by automatically-operated positioning laser lights. A rigid 5-point positioning system reduces patient movement. The open product design allows easy viewing and positioning of the patient.The secure 5-point positioning system with chin rest, bite block and headrest, with a forehead and two temple points, reduces patient movement. Furthermore, the open product design offers you afirst-class overview and enables you to freely position the patientfrom either the left or right side.

3-in-1 for maximum flexibility

The DEXIS OP 3D Pro is perfectly future-proof owing to its flexible configuration options. Purely as a 2D panoramic device, it is ideally suited to general dentistry. In addition, it can be expanded with small/medium-sized volumes (6 x Ø 4 and 6 x Ø 8 cm) or medium/large volumes (5 x Ø 5 to 8 x Ø 15 or even 13 x Ø 15 cm). In addition, the cephalometric option can be positioned on either side for optimum use of space and enhanced user-experience.

Cephalometric option for all your clinical needs

The cephalometric option, which can be attached on the right or left hand side of the DEXIS OP 3D Pro offers you numerous, varying projections: cranial-lateral, AP / PA, cranial-eccentric and Carpus*. The freely collimatable exposure area reduces the radiation field to the diagnostic requirement of each individual case.

*Carpus is an optional feature for DEXIS OP 3D units. Contact your local sales rep for additional information.

Lateral cephalometric exposures can be generated at two different heights and with free width collimation between 17 and 26 cm

Posterior/anterior cephalometric image. The device's earpieces contain markings to ensure central positioning

The present: full diagnostics. The future: integrated workflow.

The comprehensive X-ray software CLINIVIEW™ will be installed with your new device. For 3D imaging you can choose between the 3D diagnostic software OnDemand3D™ or InVivo™ or another. In addition you are already prepared to use the new DTX Studio™ unifying software platform for 2D and 3D diagnostics, opening up a whole new era of digital workflow integration.

The proven and well known CLINIVIEW™ software already stores its data compatible to the new DTX Studio™ software platform. Your office will already be prepared to take advantage of a future constant stream of new enhancements that will cover all fields of modern dentistry and dental technology.

Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, the DTX Studio™ platform will integrate both existing and future devices as well as current software provisions into one unified working process. CLINIVIEW™ is prepared to support a smooth transition into the new future and step by step opens new possibilities you may never had expected.

DTX Studio™ Uniform workflow

InVivo™ 3D X-ray software

DTX Studio™ Flexible integration



DEXIS OP 2D - Patient Positioning, Panoramic & Bitewing


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