CS 3600

CS 3600

Easier Access. Greater Comfort.



Perfect for any dental procedure

The CS 3600 scanner improves efficiency by simplifying and acceleration the process of creating digital impressions and models. With dedicated restoration, orthodontic and implant-borne restorative workflows, the CS 3600 meets your clinical needs - seamlessly.



CS 3600 with support



Restore like never before

Capture all the details you need for custom-fit functional restorations to perform beautiful aesthetic work in minutes.

Reinvent your orthodontics

Simplify your acquisition process for digital or orthodontic models with our intuitive software.

Plan implants with confidence

The CS 3600 offers a dedicated scanning workflow for implant-borne restorations.

Stay open and flexible

The open architecture makes sharing files with your referrals or with the lab of your choice more straightforward - resulting in clearer communication and faster turnaround.